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We work. We live. We love. We bond. And, when we pool our resources, women can truly move the needle. We can be unstoppable. It can take your breath away at times. I know, because it has done so for me. I have seen the good that comes from like-minded people uniting with a purpose to make the unthinkable, thinkable.

It’s not always about breaking through glass ceilings; Sometimes, it’s simply about reaching out to help others break through the varying barriers that confine them. When I’m asked to talk about the importance of giving back to the communities I serve—both professionally and personally—I take pride in the relationships I have built in Atlanta with other professional women. We are difference makers, fostering growth-driven partnerships throughout Metro Atlanta’s commercial real estate landscape.

I have had the unique opportunity to connect with other women who understand that we are only as successful as the people and communities around us. As a long-time member of CREW Atlanta, I continue to see this commitment play out daily through programs like CREW U, Crew Careers, the Mentorship Program and Leadership CREW. CREW is a voice for women in the commercial real estate industry and a force for activism in our dynamic business environment.

A powerful example of this commitment is CREW Atlanta’s longstanding relationship with The Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF), the only public foundation in Georgia dedicated solely to women and girls. For the last 20 years, we have partnered with AWF on scores of fundraising efforts that help ensure that underprivileged or at-risk women and girls do not fall through the cracks. They are not statistics on a line sheet with no hope; rather, they are members of our local community who have a lot to contribute, if given the opportunity.

Our partnership with AWF continues to unite passionate and committed women with those in need of inspiration and guidance. The bond helps provide the opportunity for these women and girls, far too many of whom live below the poverty line, to live safe, economically self-sufficient and productive lives.

The missions of CREW Atlanta and AWF are mirrored, in that both organizations believe in breaking down barriers and building up women. No woman should be treated differently because of her economic or social status. Sometimes, people just need a helping hand, just as we all have been helped along the way. That’s where you can help.

Here is your inspirational sound bite. During my time spent serving my community, I have learned a valuable lesson: When women want to lead, we’re pretty good at it. The world is changing at every turn, and this is no time to live with your head down. Organizations like CREW Atlanta are here to attract women and pull them out of their comfort zone, overpowering the notion of vulnerability that comes with seeking new paths in life.

We do that in tribes. From the beginning of time, women have supported and encouraged one another by finding those who share similar purposes. We are naturally collaborative and supportive. In the book, “How Remarkable Women Lead,” authors Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston of McKinsey & Company describe how the connections we make result in tribes of support.

Our CREW Atlanta/AWF Tribe fosters hope and opportunity for people who deserve better thanthe hand they were dealt. And yes, there are opportunities for you to join our tribe. Pick a spot and step in. You can make a donation, attend a Dine Out, or get involved with Women’s Pathway to Success. There is room – and an Anne Sheehanopportunity – for everyone. In the end, it is about the action you take. Giving what you can of yourself is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. When that happens, everybody wins.

The positive affirmation we receive shows us how our work inspires people in the places they need it the most. Our CREW is always looking for new tribe members to keep everything moving forward.

Anne Joyner Sheehan is CEO of Real Property Tax Advisors, which manages more than 80 million square feet of assets for corporate owners and occupiers throughout the U.S. Anne and her team assist clients with managing and controlling the risk of owning commercial real estate, machinery and equipment as part of business operations.

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