State of Atlanta CRE: An interview with Christine Gorham

Christine-Gorham-2014On August 6, CREW Atlanta will present “State of Atlanta CRE,” a Tenant Rep Roundtable moderated by Michael Bull, CEO of Bull Realty Inc. and host of the Commercial Real Estate Show. Leading up to the event, CREW Atlanta is asking panelists to share their thoughts on the state of Atlanta commercial real estate. In this post we hear from panelist Christine Gorham, CCIM – Healthcare, CEO Eastwood Real Estate Services.

Q: What is the most disruptive trend you’ve seen in your geographic market and/or industry sector in the last 12 months?

A: Without a doubt, The Affordable Healthcare Act, aka “Obamacare.” Since its implementation in 2010, there have been many direct changes to the industry, as well as indirect ones that have changed much about the healthcare clients that we work with.

Q: Are tenants approaching deals differently today than in years past? If so, how?

A: Very much so. While their needs have generally remained the same, the CRE market as a whole is quite different. Specifically, Atlanta’s economy is much different than it was a year ago (finally!). We have more demand, less product available, capital availability (still with hurdles) and now, new development to consider in addition to all of the healthcare-related regulations that impact our clients’ practices and business models.

Q: How has the role of the tenant rep changed or evolved since you began your career?

A: There is a much greater need to not only understand the CRE markets, but you really have to also keep up with the trends of the healthcare industry, as well, so that you can combine the information for the best, strategic client outcomes. Technology has also become an ever-increasing factor from websites, to mobility, to design, to cost and, we absolutely can’t forget, social media!

Q: What advice do you have for a young woman interested in pursing a career as a tenant rep?

A: I would offer the four following notes to a young woman.

First, really think about what you enjoy the most. For example: Is it the understanding of how things are produced? Is it shopping and consumer trends? Is it helping people take care of other people? Is it the feeling of being related to corporate America? I ask this because whatever CRE silo you work in, whether it is industrial, retail, healthcare, office or other, you are going to have to constantly study and understand the businesses in that silo to be most effective. Researching information on your genuine interests in that sector will help the “work” to feel less like work and more like quenching your authentic curiosity.

Second, get used to listening intently to your clients — really understand their needs, thoughts and input so you can be most effective in your actions as you serve them!

Third, stay current on the technology side of business. So much changes so fast now, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Finally…network, network, network. If you make it fun and part of your everyday life it won’t be daunting and you will have resources surrounding you!

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Author: CREW Atlanta

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