Networking events: CREW Network’s upcoming second quarter

Your CREW Network is incredibly active this quarter with several networking events in the region.

With 70 U.S. chapters and five Canadian chapters of CREW, this network of 10,000 members is one of the greatest benefits your CREW membership provides. Don’t miss out on these wonderful networking events throughout the Southeast and nationally that can help you grow your business in the real estate industry. This network can help you and your business grow “Beyond Atlanta.”

Networking events: CREW Network’s upcoming second quarter


8 ways you can access your CREW Network:

  1. Download the CREW Biz App to your mobile device. This gives you access to all members who have a CREW Profile.
  2. Visit to search the database of member profiles. (Note: Is your profile is updated? This is how members can search for you.)
  3. Check the website to view the list of chapters. Are you doing business in any of these cities?
  4. Contact another chapter by reaching out to their board members for an introduction or reference. (Where can you find this information? It’s shown on and on the chapter websites.)
  5. Look at the latest Beyond Atlanta handout which shows events in the southeastern chapters (within driving distance).
  6. Plan your business trip around a CREW luncheon in another city.
  7. Attend a CREW Network Leadership Summit or Convention.
  8. Be on a national-level committee.






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Author: CREW Atlanta

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