CREW Spotlight: Ashli White

IMG_2766In a special CREW Spotlight, we are highlighting Ashli White, one of 20 recipients of a $5,000 scholarship through the CREW Network Foundation Scholarship Program. Ashli is from Atlanta, and is currently a Junior at Queens University in Charlotte, where she is pursuing a degree in Business Administration, Management.

The scholarship program supports future female leaders as they pursue university-level education that will lead to careers in commercial real estate. Each scholar will receive $5,000 USD for tuition and books, a paid internship opportunity during the summer of 2019, a complimentary 18-month CREW Network student membership, and a complimentary registration to the 2018 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace.

CREW Atlanta: Why did you choose Queens University?

Ashli White: One of the reasons that I chose Queens University of Charlotte was the abundance of resources there despite its size. Queens is a really small private school located in the Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte. I have always preferred smaller schools to larger ones because I like the one-on-one connections that I can develop with my professors. Not to mention, I can walk anywhere on campus within five minutes. I love my school’s location because even though we’re a smaller school, we’re perfectly located near uptown and can easily access other areas of Charlotte by driving on the interstate or using the Lynx light rail.

Why are you interested in a career in real estate?

There are a lot of reasons why I’m interested in a career in real estate. I’ve had several family members that have worked in different aspects of real estate. When I was younger, I used to go shadow my aunt, a realtor, at work in her office. My mom also used to work in commercial lending many years ago so I’ve been able to learn about different aspects of the industry.

One thing that has really furthered my interest in the real estate industry as I’ve gotten older has been my passion for volunteering. I volunteer with a film called The Gullah Project that is about the Gullah people of coastal South Carolina and how they’re struggling to preserve their land and culture because that area is being developed to be more of a luxury vacation area. I’ve always had a passion for cultural awareness, and recently that has shaped more into an interest in Human Resources in terms of diversity & inclusion and social responsibility.

I really want to work in real estate, specifically commercial, and be a person who considers not only what will ensure my company’s success but also the widespread impact of those actions.

What made you decide to pursue a degree in Business Administration-Management?

I decided to pursue a degree in Management because I’ve always been fascinated with how businesses operate. It is one of my goals to be a high-ranking executive, and I feel that a degree in management provides me with the beginning knowledge that I need for leading people in effective and efficient ways.

Any internships?

Yes, I’ve had two internships so far. My first internship was during the spring of my sophomore year as a Human Resources Intern in the Sourcing & Onboarding Department of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. I’m almost finished with my second internship where I’ve been a Product Manager Intern for Oracle in California this summer.

Do you plan to move back to Atlanta after you graduate or stay in Charlotte? Or are you open to other cities?

I have definitely considered both moving back to Atlanta and staying in Charlotte after I graduate from Queens. After temporarily moving out to California this summer for my current internship, I’m now leaning more towards moving out of the South for a few years after graduation. I’ve been looking at moving to big cities in Texas like Dallas or Houston, but I’m also open to other areas that are great for young professionals. After I’ve gotten a chance to see what it’s like to live in different regions of the U.S., I definitely want to move back to Atlanta.

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  1. Ashli – Congratulations on winning the scholarship! I know you will appreciate all of the benefits to be derived from this well-earned recognition. I am greatly impressed with your interest to have D&I as a focus, and your experiences with internships will broaden your horizons both professionally and personally. I wish you well overall and hope to have you come back to Atlanta to create a positive influence here in the future.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I truly do look forward to returning to Atlanta one day and creating an impact!

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