About CREW Atlanta Blog

Showcasing Female Commercial Real Estate Professionals

The purpose of the CREW Atlanta blog is two-fold:

•    Showcase the expertise and accomplishments of women in the commercial real estate industry, and
•    Provide information and tools that empower and inspire women to achieve professional excellence within the commercial real estate industry.

Guidelines for Guest Blog Submissions

Word Count
No minimums but posts typically run between 250 and 800 words. Please stay under 800 words.

What we’re looking for…
We have a limited number of publishing slots available to guest contributors, and we will only accept posts that satisfy the following criteria:

•    Posts need to advance the practice of commercial real estate in Atlanta. Ideally they should include some angle on women in commercial real estate, but we are willing to stretch those boundaries when appropriate in order to bring valuable information and insights to our readers.
•    Posts need to be useful. They need to include a specific take-away, best practices or a key thought that has the power to inspire commercial real estate professionals.
•    Posts need to be logical and interesting to read.
•    Posts need to be specific to commercial real estate readers.
•    Posts need to include hyperlinks to organizations mentioned in the post, external articles, valid content and/or other CREW blog posts as supportive material.
•    Posts need to be drafted by a real estate professional. CREW membership is not required.

What we’re not looking for…
We cannot accept submissions that fall into the following categories:

•    Posts with unclear focal points or those that are not clearly organized or formatted to engage our readership. We encourage writers to use subheadings, bulleted lists and bold fonts to highlight key concepts and action items.
•    Op-ed style posts that discuss why an issue is important without discussing how, specifically, it can be leveraged by commercial real estate professionals.
•    White papers, and other promotional content that is meant to tout the benefits of one specific product/service over others.
•    Posts that have already been published elsewhere or include plagiarized material.

How to get published…
To preserve your time and energy, we strongly encourage contributors to submit topic ideas to the appointed CREW Atlanta representative (estephens@bouncepath.net) for review and approval prior to drafting.  Include the following information:

•    name + contact information
•    proposed blog title
•    brief summary of content
•    key objectives or reader takeaways

In turn, we will work with you to fine-tune the topic and key points (if necessary) and review and edit the draft in order for your thought leadership to receive the greatest exposure possible. We want your post to be successful. To increase the social media value and effectiveness of your post, we also encourage these tactics:

•    Whenever possible, include real-life examples and/or case studies to demonstrate the concepts described.
•    Use of videos, photos, charts, screenshots and other visual content is strongly encouraged. Feel free to embed new types of content platforms as well.
•    Include detailed instruction or specific recommendations that will help real estate professionals incorporate your advice into their work scope.

What to include with your blog submission…
You provide the content and we’ll give it life. Once you poured your heart on paper, include the following with your blog submission:

•    name, position, company
•    bio, headshot, Twitter handle
•    blog content (.doc or .docx formats only accepted)*
•    hyperlinks to supporting content
•    supporting photography or illustrations (.jpg)

* The post may be edited for greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc.

What the attorneys say…
CREW Atlanta reserves the right to reject content that is promotional or does not meet our editorial standards.  An appointed CREW Atlanta representative reviews all blogs prior to posting.

Send your ideas to execdirector@crewatlanta.org.

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